Scentsor Spray Antimicrobial and Odour Eliminator

Pack Unit: 1 x 500ml

Scentsor Spray is a unique antimicrobial odour eliminator, harnessing the natural power of a new generation silver particle to destroy the harmful bacteria and microbes that cause infection and odour.

One blast of Scentsor Spray delivers millions of pure silver particles that bond onto hard surfaces and textiles and immediately start to destroy bacteria, microbes and odour causing sulphur. Unlike other odour neutralisers, Scentsor Spray continues to work hours after initial application.

Natural EPA approved and gentle on the environment
Safe to use EN 1276 tested disinfectant
Unique With its residual action, Scentsor Spray keeps on working for hours after application
Lasting Bonds onto hard surfaces and textiles for lasting freshness and protection
Hygienic Protection against hidden and harmful bacteria
Cost effective Single treatment solution saves you time and money