Much can be read in the news over recent months in relation to ‘Period Poverty’

Campaigners have warned that some girls from low-income families are forced to miss school during their periods as they could not afford sanitary products. It is estimated that 30% of 11-21 year olds have missed school or college as a result of not having sanitary products.

In its spring statement, The Government have now announced plans for both secondary and primary school children in England to have access to free sanitary products from 2020. This is in addition to the Government’s commitment in assisting in the eradication of global period poverty by 2030.

Incontinence products, like sanitary products, can be an expensive necessity for some people. Free pads are available in some instances through the NHS but not everyone is eligible (due to their type of incontinence) and some individuals are too embarrassed to talk to a healthcare professional about their condition.


We have decided to launch our own campaign ‘Incontinence Poverty’

Our aim is to provide free continence pads to those in need. We have teamed up with Fresh as a Daisy, a voluntary organisation that has been set up to help disadvantaged women and girls by distributing personal sanitary health and hygiene packs to those that need it most.

Incontinence can be an embarrassing subject but imagine the additional stress caused if you could not afford to pay for incontinence products.

The use of sanitary pads instead of incontinence pads to manage mild to moderate incontinence is common as the products tend to be cheaper and there is less embarrassment when purchased in a supermarket for example.

Incontinence pads are made using different technology and are much more effective at absorbing urine and odours, however, these discreet thin pads are not available through the NHS and are only available for users to purchase privately online or at the supermarket.

We are asking all of our customers to donate a pack of light incontinence pads to Fresh as a Daisy with every order.

For every pack donated, we will donate an additional pack to help improve the lives of those who need it most. Together we can make a difference and help end incontinence poverty!


Thank you for your support

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