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Infection Control

Infection control issues can affect us all; however there are ways of avoiding infections, including using personal protective equipment such as gloves and aprons, using sharps safely and educating patients and their carers about the risks of infection. Our Infection Control section contains all the products required to ensure that you comply with the standard guidelines for infection control

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  • Hard Surface Disinfectant Wipe

    Hard Surface Disinfectant Wipe

    £7.20 Excl VAT
  • Heavy Duty Disposable Aprons Flat Pack – White

    Heavy Duty Disposable Aprons Flat Pack – White

    £3.45 Excl VAT
  • Polythene Aprons – Roll Red

    Polythene Aprons – Roll Red

    £2.60 Excl VAT
  • Polythene Aprons Rolls Blue

    Polythene Aprons Rolls Blue

    £2.60 Excl VAT
  • Polythene Aprons Rolls White

    Polythene Aprons Rolls White

    £2.60 Excl VAT
  • disposable medical face masks

    Type IIR Medical Disposable Face Masks – Pack of 50

    £3.95 Excl VAT