Incontinence, a term that describes the accidental or involuntary loss of urine from your bladder or a bowel movement can happen to us as we age, much in the same way that loss of hearing and eyesight can affect us.

While there are varying types of incontinence, it’s known that approximately eight million people in the UK live with it in some form. Of these eight million, one in four are women and one in five are men.

However, there are loads of products out there from a variety of brands, designed to help those living with incontinence.

Incontinence products and brands

While there are loads of products available to you, which includes everything from a daily incontinence pad to gender-specific incontinence pads for men and women and even incontinence products for beds, certain products will be better for certain people. These generally come down to the brand providing the product and how they suit your lifestyle.

This being said, there are brands out there that provide incontinence products that aren’t just pads for yourself or your bed. Below, we’ve highlighted the brands we work with and recommend to those living with incontinence, caregivers and professionals.


When it comes down to the products being used, it isn’t always about the pads. That’s where a brand like Senset comes into play.

Perfect for use both at home and in care homes, but more suited to the latter, Senset provide a range of patient cleaning products. Offering both wipes and cleansing foam, these care solutions can be used to improve a person’s experience while preventing the risk of infection that could occur if a person hasn’t cleaned properly.

While the wipes are used to help wash a patient within a healthcare environment, moving away from soap and water methods, the foam is used to loosen any soiling quickly to reduce the need to rub the patient’s skin and avoid skin breakdown.

Discover Senset products here.


Of course, the pads are a highly important part of life for anyone living with incontinence, and Tena is a brand known and loved around the world. A highly respected provider of sanitary products, Tena is used by individuals and healthcare professionals in over 90 countries.

Assisting millions of people both in private and commercial care, our selection of Tena incontinence products includes a range of items for men, women and children, built to help with very light to very heavy incontinence issues, alongside faecal incontinence.

Perfect for people living with all types of incontinence, individuals, caregivers and professionals will find all of our Tena products here.


With over 35 years in the industry, Attends provides incontinence products for individuals and caregivers, alongside professionals, which include the NHS.

A leading provider, you’ll discover both pads and pants here, all designed to cater to people of varying sizes and incontinence needs. Stocking designs made for men, women and children, the incontinence levels range from very light to very heavy and faecal, while each product is designed to protect from leakage, retain skin dryness and protect from odours while keeping the individual comfortable.

Used throughout America and Europe, caregivers, professionals and individuals will find our range of Attends incontinence products here.


Purell is a well-recognised brand most people will know. Used across the globe, this is actually America’s number one hand sanitiser product.

While not specifically linked with incontinence, Purell hand sanitiser is an extremely handy product for both caregivers and professionals to have when helping someone change a pad or pair of incontinence pants. They’re also handy to have for individuals who live with manageable incontinence.

Killing 99% of germs that cause illnesses within 15 seconds, this is a product that’ll help to keep your hands clean and everyone protected from the spread of germs and diseases.

You can find our Purell products here.


While many care facilities will have specific means of waste disposal, from certain bins and removal methods, the situation can be a little different for those living at home and caregivers.

That’s what makes Sangenic extremely helpful. Providing an incontinence product you probably didn’t know you needed, Sangenic Easiseal Bins offer a hugely convenient way of disposing of incontinence products while at home.

Easy to use and hygienic, these bins can store many products before they’re moved to an outside bin, removing the need to put them in with your regular waste. Meanwhile, the refill cassettes are fragranced and anti-bacterial, helping to prevent the spread of germs while offering odour protection within the home.

You can discover our selection Sangenic incontinence products here.

While not every product will be helpful to everyone, these brands provide some of the best incontinence products around, which is why we’re proud to both stock them online and recommend them to you.

If you need any advice on the incontinence products mentioned above or need a little guidance regarding what you may need, you can always get in touch with us.

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